Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sight Word Stackable Cup Game

Targets: I used the cups to target sight words but you could use them to target anything like specific phonemes, verbs, or numbers.

What you'll need:
  • Dixi cups or condiment cups (I bought condiment cups because they were cheaper and they work just as well)
  • A pen
  • Tape or glue

How to create:
Write directly on the cup or tape/glue strips of paper to each cup (make sure you're gluing it the right way up so that when the child builds the words will be readable).

How to play:
First, I have my client read the word on the cup.  For each word he gets correct, he adds the cup to his tower.  For maximum production I have him repeat all the sight words on his tower before adding another cup.

Activity inspiration courtesy of speechroomnews

Storage Clipboard

This "Dexas No.1 School Clipcase" is perfect for storing papers/pens/other therapy materials.  Light weight and portable, it's ideal for speech therapists on the go-or for those who always seem to have their hands full.

I found mine for 25 cents at a flea market (talk about a bargain!).  On Amazon it retails for  $10.99.  Most clipboards range from around $10 (for the more simple ones) to $25 (for the fancy ones).  It's definitely a worthwhile investment-I can't wait to try mine out!

Here are a couple of different options: