Friday, March 14, 2014

Teaching Waiting-Stop and Count to Two

This is a great handout on how to teach children waiting strategies and patience.

In the classroom:
Read the handout to the children.  Ask them if they've ever had to wait for something they have wanted.  Go beyond the puzzle example and come up with a list of other activities that they can do while waiting for a turn.
Then send one home with their parents so that they can implement the strategies at home.

(Note that I have no ownership over this handout)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

SLP Graduation Cap

I just graduated this past December from Texas Christian University with a BS in SLP and a minor in psychology!  I wanted to create a unique and fun cap that represented my time at TCU.

Utilizing my dad's graphic design skills we came up with the following:

The background of the cap reads "speech language pathologist" in IPA.  The circle in the middle is the ASHA logo.  It's black, purple, and white-for school spirit of course!  And I went to work with my glue gun adding some bling!

I loved how it turned out and the best part was seeing it on the big screen during commencement!

 Next stop . . . grad school